All in Navigating the World

Prayer for Living a Good Life

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Reverence for Life is a recurring theme for me and I feel it deeply in this prayer that came. A good life for me is a question of quality. What are the qualities of the kind of Life I want to live?

When we know our fundamental nature and we know we are made as Life intended us, we can chose to live in line with this perfect design. Here, we know so well our own wellness and the lovingness from which all things come.

Let us strive to take marching orders from Life, but to be Saints and not soldiers, where we use the gift of choice to march on. I hope you see yourself in this prayer.

Prayer for Safety

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If you are like me and have traveled and lived in many places, even if you have seen a lot of change, it’s always helpful to remember I am safe as I navigate the world. My feelings of safety help me move more freely in the world. Not without certain caution, of course, where appropriate. The safer I feel, the more safety I create in the world. May these same feelings come onto you. Blessings.