All in Wonder and Awe

Prayer for the Perfection of All Things

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Sometimes we question our lives. “Why is it happening this way?” we asked ourselves. I have come to understand that there are many forces at play that determine the subtleties of our life experience. Surrender to the unknown is a powerful place to be.

All at once, I know I am the creator of my own life experience. When it is my time, I can create any context I want about any given subject. I can choose how to perceive life.

To see life in all it’s glory and its perfection is a gift I give myself continually.

Prayer for Being in Awe

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I stood in front of some majestic mountains from which this prayer was inspired. So much of our life is spent assessing and evaluating. If even for one moment, we can experience the sheer wonder of the world we live, we are made better by it. We remember more deeply who we are and what we are made of.

The title of this prayer was not typical but it was what came to me so I chose to honour that instinct. I hope it works for you in the way it has for me.

You and I are come from a powerful source.