All in Life and Death

Prayer for the Dying

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I have always had a deep reverence for the experience of death. I feel, from deep instinct, the untruth of our views on death. How can it be that we hold on to life when it is right to release it? Why not celebrate the death of a loved one rather than experience it as a horrible thing too difficult to exist?

It is not that death should omit grief. Grief is righteous (right-use-of). It has good use. It is meaningful and gives light to the dark. It helps our hearts understand and our minds come to peace without needing to make sense of it. There must be however, a place of reverence for the merging of each being with non-physical, the source from which we come.

Remembering that we are spiritual beings that have come to have an experience in the body means that we know our own immortality. We know that death is not the bad thing we’ve made it out to be.

If we are born, and we die, why would we make it wrong or bad? It is our nature. It is a fundamental truth of life.

This prayer is to help us remember the true nature of life and death as we witness a loved one making the transition into non-physical. Or perhaps, you are the one facing re-emergence. By remembering the fundamental truth of life, that we are born and that we die, we can bring a light to something that may seem so terribly dark. We can bring peace and acceptance to it all.