All in Connection

Prayer for Friendship

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This prayer is a practice in gratitude for one of the most important things in life, friends. I am not a big film buff but I remember a big lesson in the importance of friendship from “Into the Wild”. Based on a real story, a young man sets out on a epic journey of self-discovery and rejects all attachments to daily life, including his bonds to people. The final realization comes on his death bed as he utters his last words, “happiness is only real when shared”.

It’s not that this is the absolute truth, but I think it evokes a truth. We come into this life experience to relate with others. Our greatest learnings often happen in relationship (friendship, family, partnership), as do our greatest joys. There is no denying that our relating to others in life is among the greatest of the things we do.

I have personally been blessed with rich and varied friendships. Each has influenced who I am and because I am proud of who I am, I am grateful for every being along my path.

There are challenging friendships too. There are difficult moments of relating. There are misunderstandings and all kinds of unpleasant things that come with the risk of friendship. I’ve taken so many risks and it has often not been easy.

As I see it, it’s always worth it. This prayer is a recognition of the best parts of friendship. That happiness is indeed in the sharing of it.

An additional commentary on the first line of this prayer “My life is so full of the right people, so full of the right love.” The word “right” here is not a judgment call. It is used to acknowledge the perfection of life. That it is always “right” because it is divine will or, as we are willing to see it. We can always chose how we perceive our life experience, and for me, the daily exercise of seeing all that is as “right” is the point of view I chose. I hope it serves you also.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends.

Prayer for Inner Strength

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I believe we have all the answers inside ourselves. The most direct access to infinite knowledge is actually within us. It’s what some refer to as “knowing”. Knowing resides in the space of infinite possibility between our Self and our relationship to our own unique expression of Source.

Sometimes we forget this and we think the answers to life’s challenges are external to us. We think that someone else has the answer, or that some thing will bring resolve to our disharmony with life. In building an inner strength in the form of a personal relationship with Source, we know we have all the loving guidance required to live the exact life we dream of.

This prayer is a reminder to that end.

Prayer for Wisdom

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Part of my daily routine is to meditate for 20 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. Not all days either but definitely most! I’m not rigid about it because I don’t have to be. I know the benefit of calming my mind to be able to hear more clearly the calling of the source within me, the part of me with that has access to infinite wisdom.

When I calm my mind, I can receive clear information throughout the day. I can know the difference between thoughts that are driven from my conditioned self, or thoughts that are in line with my truest essence - the expression of divinity that I am.

My ultimate goal in life is to be a consistently loving person. I’ve made mistakes along the way and not always spoken from love, but I do trust myself to catch it and correct it as I go. So, I often pray for the loving hand of source to support me in lining up with all that is already…the state of love from which we come and in which we exist.

This is a shorter prayer but I dare say, equally as powerful! I hope you enjoy it and use it too.

Prayer for Judgment from Others

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When we judge ourselves harshly, we believe others judge us in the same way. It takes loving ourselves first to change the way we see others. When we see life as fundamentally good, then we pick up on the “good” stuff all day long. So it goes with people. When we know ourselves as loving, we see others as loving too. It’s like choosing what colour lens to wear every day.

It takes perspective to see ourselves as loving beings who can have total acceptance and appreciation for all life experiences including our own. We all have a capacity to chose our perspective and life experience. Sure, it takes practice. But it starts with acknowledging the choice. Then we can begin to look for pathways at becoming better at being loving.

This prayer is to support the practice of loving and trusting your Self first and in return, spreading the wisdom of love through the understanding of others.

Prayer for Interconnectedness

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We are all so unique. Our energetic make up is so vastly different. In appreciating the differences between us, we can more deeply enjoy life’s experience. We can witness the infinite ways we are made up, and therefore, the infinite possibilities of life itself. We can experience true intimacy (in-to-me-see).

Seeing our differences as a joyous expression of life requires an expansive mindset. It makes us less rigid in our ideas of right and wrong, it opens us up to understanding. It breathes life into us by giving us an expanded perspective anytime we chose to look at someone and see the divine in them.

When we can exercise this kind of lovingness through expanded understanding of the other, here we see how truly interconnected we are. We are interconnected because we see the divine inside the other, and inside ourselves as a result. We see the vastness of each individual, human and being, that has their very own unique make up and internal universe that has made them who they are.