Prayer for Inner Strength

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I believe we have all the answers inside ourselves. The most direct access to infinite knowledge is actually within us. It’s what some refer to as “knowing”. Knowing resides in the space of infinite possibility between our Self and our relationship to our own unique expression of Source.

Sometimes we forget this and we think the answers to life’s challenges are external to us. We think that someone else has the answer, or that some thing will bring resolve to our disharmony with life. In building an inner strength in the form of a personal relationship with Source, we know we have all the loving guidance required to live the exact life we dream of.

This prayer is a reminder to that end.

Prayer for Wisdom

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Part of my daily routine is to meditate for 20 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. Not all days either but definitely most! I’m not rigid about it because I don’t have to be. I know the benefit of calming my mind to be able to hear more clearly the calling of the source within me, the part of me with that has access to infinite wisdom.

When I calm my mind, I can receive clear information throughout the day. I can know the difference between thoughts that are driven from my conditioned self, or thoughts that are in line with my truest essence - the expression of divinity that I am.

My ultimate goal in life is to be a consistently loving person. I’ve made mistakes along the way and not always spoken from love, but I do trust myself to catch it and correct it as I go. So, I often pray for the loving hand of source to support me in lining up with all that is already…the state of love from which we come and in which we exist.

This is a shorter prayer but I dare say, equally as powerful! I hope you enjoy it and use it too.

Prayer for the Dying

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I have always had a deep reverence for the experience of death. I feel, from deep instinct, the untruth of our views on death. How can it be that we hold on to life when it is right to release it? Why not celebrate the death of a loved one rather than experience it as a horrible thing too difficult to exist?

It is not that death should omit grief. Grief is righteous (right-use-of). It has good use. It is meaningful and gives light to the dark. It helps our hearts understand and our minds come to peace without needing to make sense of it. There must be however, a place of reverence for the merging of each being with non-physical, the source from which we come.

Remembering that we are spiritual beings that have come to have an experience in the body means that we know our own immortality. We know that death is not the bad thing we’ve made it out to be.

If we are born, and we die, why would we make it wrong or bad? It is our nature. It is a fundamental truth of life.

This prayer is to help us remember the true nature of life and death as we witness a loved one making the transition into non-physical. Or perhaps, you are the one facing re-emergence. By remembering the fundamental truth of life, that we are born and that we die, we can bring a light to something that may seem so terribly dark. We can bring peace and acceptance to it all.

Prayer for Health

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Our health begins with our spirituality. Everything happens in the non-physical realm before it manifests into the physical. This is why part of our striving for good health must include the health of our spiritual selves, the wellness of our soul.

This short prayer was written for just that. I hope it serves.

Prayer for Judgment from Others

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When we judge ourselves harshly, we believe others judge us in the same way. It takes loving ourselves first to change the way we see others. When we see life as fundamentally good, then we pick up on the “good” stuff all day long. So it goes with people. When we know ourselves as loving, we see others as loving too. It’s like choosing what colour lens to wear every day.

It takes perspective to see ourselves as loving beings who can have total acceptance and appreciation for all life experiences including our own. We all have a capacity to chose our perspective and life experience. Sure, it takes practice. But it starts with acknowledging the choice. Then we can begin to look for pathways at becoming better at being loving.

This prayer is to support the practice of loving and trusting your Self first and in return, spreading the wisdom of love through the understanding of others.

Prayer for the Perfection of All Things

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Sometimes we question our lives. “Why is it happening this way?” we asked ourselves. I have come to understand that there are many forces at play that determine the subtleties of our life experience. Surrender to the unknown is a powerful place to be.

All at once, I know I am the creator of my own life experience. When it is my time, I can create any context I want about any given subject. I can choose how to perceive life.

To see life in all it’s glory and its perfection is a gift I give myself continually.

Prayer for Aging

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My grandmother recently sent me an email and casually expressed some of her woes about aging. I knew it wasn’t casual at all to her. I knew it was weighing on her heart.

Faith-based thinking can give us tremendous power in the face of life’s most challenging realities. We all age. We can do this by trusting the perfection of life or we can do it kicking and screaming, denying and fighting it. But we are only fighting ourselves.

My grandmother expressed concern for the increasing unreliability of her mind in her email to me. It was not without acceptance. Only I wish for her to bring total peace of mind to being 80 years old. To see the perfection of the whole of her life, including this moment where her capacity is changing.

Prayer for Being in Awe

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I stood in front of some majestic mountains from which this prayer was inspired. So much of our life is spent assessing and evaluating. If even for one moment, we can experience the sheer wonder of the world we live, we are made better by it. We remember more deeply who we are and what we are made of.

The title of this prayer was not typical but it was what came to me so I chose to honour that instinct. I hope it works for you in the way it has for me.

You and I are come from a powerful source.

Prayer for Big Life Changes

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I wrote this in response to a whirlwind of changes occurring in my own life. As soon as I wrote it, I knew many could relate. It was a time of change. It’s always a time of change.

I love that life guides us toward the changes necessary for our growth and path.

I love that I have the willingness to take the call.

Any sense of permanency is a fallacy because it’s not at all the nature of life. Life is always changing, and so are we. I think the key is to accept this part of the nature of life and develop ourselves enough to be able to flow with the changes.

Pray on and enjoy the surrender!

Prayer for Being In Love

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I fell deeply in love some time ago with a soul mate. Our love for each other was so potent. For some it was hard to understand, for many it was plain to see…we were in love. Being in love is a precious and sacred time. If you are in love, I am whispering softly into your ear “follow it”.

I urge you! Do not get lost in thought about the future, or what others might think. Stay present with it. It will teach you something so great, something words cannot teach.

It will unfold as it is meant to in its own perfect way. It will go for a lifetime or it will leave in a few weeks. It matters not. That feeling you feel, that’s eternal. It’s pure love.

Prayer for Handling More

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With my faith-based thinking, the need to work and handle more comes with all the resources I need. I am grateful I have the knowledge to trust that life is always giving me exactly what I need to rise to the next level. When I listen to others talk about how they are stuck or stopped by the circumstance they find themselves in, I wish for them to find the divine inside themselves. It makes everything easier.

May all your work be inspired and free flowing.

Prayer for Safety

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If you are like me and have traveled and lived in many places, even if you have seen a lot of change, it’s always helpful to remember I am safe as I navigate the world. My feelings of safety help me move more freely in the world. Not without certain caution, of course, where appropriate. The safer I feel, the more safety I create in the world. May these same feelings come onto you. Blessings.

Prayer for Productivity

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We are all too hard on ourselves, sometimes thinking we don’t get enough done or we don’t enjoy what we need to do to get to where we are going. This prayer will hopefully help you find an easier way to go about your day. Being in the zone, working peacefully and productively is a wonderful feeling in being alive. It’s not always the case, but when it is, does it ever feel good!

Prayer for Interconnectedness

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We are all so unique. Our energetic make up is so vastly different. In appreciating the differences between us, we can more deeply enjoy life’s experience. We can witness the infinite ways we are made up, and therefore, the infinite possibilities of life itself. We can experience true intimacy (in-to-me-see).

Seeing our differences as a joyous expression of life requires an expansive mindset. It makes us less rigid in our ideas of right and wrong, it opens us up to understanding. It breathes life into us by giving us an expanded perspective anytime we chose to look at someone and see the divine in them.

When we can exercise this kind of lovingness through expanded understanding of the other, here we see how truly interconnected we are. We are interconnected because we see the divine inside the other, and inside ourselves as a result. We see the vastness of each individual, human and being, that has their very own unique make up and internal universe that has made them who they are.